Situated at Lyndale & 27th St in the Minneapolis' hip Uptown neighborhood, Your Yoga Uptown shares a building with local institutions Bob's Java Hut and Moxie Salon. Our proximity to Bob's makes us easy to find - just follow the motorcycles. With 18 air-purifying potted plants and a state-of-the art sound system, the studio is a little breath of peace in the midst of the bustle.

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Your Yoga Uptown

your yoga minneapolis uptown studio lyndale and 27th st
The Studio


Whether you prefer to gaze at the sunset through the West-facing main windows or stare up at the sky through our five skylights, Your Yoga Uptown provides a tranquil escape from the busy streets. "It's like practicing in a treehouse!" is how several students describe the experience. The dark oak floors, green walls and abundant plant life round out the earthy feel of this intimate space.

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Your Yoga Uptown is located at:

2649 Lyndale Ave S

Minneapolis, MN 55408
(612) 524-9642

your yoga uptown studio lyndale and 27th st
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