Your Yoga Discount Policy


We are committed to keeping high quality yoga affordable…

Our standard rates are already substantially below average, but we also offer additional discounts in some cases.

  • Full-time college and high school students, seniors (60+) as well as anyone earning under $25,000 per year before tax, are automatically eligible for our discounted rates.
  • For drop-in classes, we offer a discounted rate of $10.
  • For class cards and memberships, we offer a 20% discount.

We are flexible (we do yoga, after all!). Whether or not you fall under the terms above, if you feel you need the discounted rate, we are happy to extend it to you. Those who can afford the full rate help subsidise those who can't, so everybody wins. If you're low on funds, don't worry about it, and if you're paying full price rest assured your money is helping to bring yoga to people who would otherwise be priced out.