*special pop-up classes are denoted with an asterisk. These are the same price as regular classes and are included in membership but have a special style or theme.

Your Yoga Class Schedule Philosophy

  • All classes are open to everyone, regardless of experience or physical condition. Flexibility and strength are side-effects of yoga—they are not requirements or goals! This is about taking care of your body and mind by getting to know yourself as you already are, not by trying to change or "improve". You can take any class at your own pace, modifying moves, and taking breaks.

  • We have a few specialty classes, like Slow Flow if you want to take things easy and learn more foundational elements, or Advanced if you want to play with fun challenges like inversions and deeper backbends. These different styles are about variety, not hierarchy.

  • We aim for an ideal blend of consistency and variety. We don't do cookie-cutter classes, but you can show up for any Your Yoga class and know you'll get a balanced, engaging class from a committed teacher who cares about your wellbeing.

  • We do not publish individual teacher schedules. We invite you to come for your personal practice, not a specific teacher. All of our teachers are highly trained, dedicated professionals, who work closely in a team to give you a consistent yet ever-evolving experience.



Our signature 65-minute Flow class is a dynamic movement-based practice that is accessible yet challenging for all levels. Through thoughtful cycles of breath and movement, you will work on mastering your body and mind in a fun, creative, supportive environment. With its focus on dynamic alignment and cultivating sensitivity, Your Yoga Flow classes are a great way to stay healthy and happy while exploring and challenging your body's capabilities.


Slow Flow


A unique blend of slower flowing postures and deep guided yoga nidra meditation.  The slower pace makes Slow Flow an excellent venue to refine your alignment, while the guided yoga nidra meditation (carefully structured visualizations and other mental exercises) makes this an extra-special opportunity for profound healing.




Ready to try a different type of challenge? This 75-minute class is designed to help you explore your edge in a mindful and fun way. The Advanced classes work with more complex poses to challenge your concentration and sensitivity. They also introduce pranayama breathing exercises and meditation.




A key part of our mission to make yoga more financially accessible, our weekly by-donation classes are the same format as our Flow classes. With no fixed price, you may pay whatever you can afford. Your donations go towards supporting our rotating charity of the month and Access Your Yoga, our community outreach program which brings yoga to underserved populations.




The perfect way to wind down your weekend, Restore is a 75-minute candlelit class with a focus on deep relaxation. After a gentle warm-up, you will be supported by props in postures that allow you let go of any feelings of stress or tension. It's a wonderful complement to our other class offerings.