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A safe, inviting space to feel more at home in your own skin.

We believe inclusivity, self-expression and community starts with the innate curiosity we all have about the world within and around us. 

On a physical level, our classes are crafted to be dynamic, intelligent and fun. Our style of yoga promotes a balance of strength, flexibility, and integration. It is designed to support the short and long-term health of your body.

Beyond this, each class is designed to provide a fertile ground for you to cultivate wisdom, and to develop inner qualities like compassion, gratitude, and perspective. Many people don't even realize that these aspects of conscious experience can be deliberately strengthened. 

One natural consequence of this sort of reflective practice is to bring your values and your actions into greater alignment. This lets you experience your life in a more harmonious and wholehearted way. For this reason, we don't call yoga a "self-improvement" practice. It is a self-expression practice that celebrates your uniqueness and encourages you to explore it more fully.