Jenn is a dancer who sings and a yogi who climbs things. She started teaching yoga in 2010 to a room full of students at a Dutch university and ever since, she's been sharing her passion for movement and mindfulness at studios, festivals, and retreats around the world. Her training includes Your Yoga, James Miller Yoga, and Kula Yoga Project's 75-hour advanced training. Jenn is a graduate of the University of Iowa, where she has a degree in Dance and International Studies.

Beyond teaching yoga, Jenn is a choreographer and performs regularly as a dance artist. She is grateful to be a part of Your Yoga, where she has been teaching since 2013.  



Kelsey started young as a teacher, from giving her younger sister real math lessons in their playroom to tutoring younger kids and eventually teaching swimming lessons in her teens. She graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2010 with a Psychology degree and has built a career in special education. In 2014, Kelsey completed a 230-hour teacher training with Your Yoga, and has also completed a restorative yoga teacher training. 

Before teaching in a studio, she developed ways to share accessible yoga practices with students of all ages and abilities. Working diverse populations  continues to remind her of what she loves so much about yoga-—its ability to meet people where they are and still provide a full, vibrant experience.



Tatum Fjerstad started teaching yoga in 2012 and happily discovered Your Yoga shortly thereafter. After moving to NYC for a couple years, to advance her study of yoga and the business it was becoming, she traveled the country for three months, teaching the yoga, meditation and journaling class she calls MOVE SIT WRITE. When tour ended, Tatum decided to come home to Minneapolis for good. As a teacher, she loves artfully fusing her sense humor and appreciation for humankind’s flawed beauty into every class.

When she’s not teaching, she’s pursuing her masters in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in Bloomington, designing websites, writing, hanging out with her favorite people and snuggling her sweet tuxedo cat, Gary. 

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Megan, Co-founder

Born and raised in Minnesota, nourished in New York City, Megan took her first yoga class in 2003 while studying abroad in Paris and began teaching four years later at Yoga to the People. Megan has completed the first Anusara Yoga Immersion at Virayoga and has studied anatomy with Amy Matthews at the Breathing Project. In 2012, she completed Kula Yoga Project's 75-hour Advanced Teacher Training program. An eternal student, she is presently enrolled in Tiffany Cruikshank’s 500-hour Yoga Medicine program. 

Megan strives to teach the kind of class she enjoys taking: balanced, creative, dynamic and intelligent. She is grateful to the teachers who inspire her—Elena Brower, Isaac Peña and Schuyler Grant—and to Hilary Edesess for taking her to her first yoga class.



In love with the concept of balance, Alicia first saw yoga as a natural counterpart to high-intensity interval training workouts and hasn’t looked back since. She was introduced to yoga in 2011 at school and took classes sporadically. Alicia began practicing at Your Yoga in 2014 and completed teaching training in 2017.

With a bachelor’s in Physiology and a master’s in Health Intelligence and Analytics, her approach to yoga is focused on developing a symbiotic relationship between movement and breath. Allowing space for the body to work as a whole is near and dear to her heart. An exuberant and inquisitive individual, Alicia strives to bring both characteristics into her classes. She is thrilled to be teaching at Your Yoga and hopes to see you soon!



Mallory was first drawn to yoga in 2013 while pursuing her mathematics and astrophysics degrees at the University of Minnesota. The physical integration she discovered through practicing yoga balanced the mental pressure of her studies and helped her realize that she’s more than just a computing mind. After publishing a research paper in the Astrophysical Journal, Mallory decided she had more to offer here on Earth.

She went on to complete Your Yoga’s 230-hour Teacher Training in Spring of 2016. The community she found at Your Yoga helped her develop agency in life as well as uncover greater freedom of self-expression, and she’s been seeking to empower others to do the same ever since.



Tiffany's teaching stems as much from her personal practice on the mat as from the hours of anatomical studies, advanced sequencing, breathwork and conscious embodiment courses she’s taken. For Tiffany, yoga is about creating space within whether it be physically through movement and breath or mentally between thoughts.

She believes the body is an autobiography; it’s a living testimony to how we move (or don’t move through the world) and she believes the more embodied we are, the more capacity we have for personal transformation. Tiffany has chosen yoga as her tool for helping people discover their physical capabilities, expand their internal consciousness and develop a true relationship with their mind, body and soul.


David, Co-founder

David has been teaching yoga since 2007. He apprenticed at Yoga To The People, and has completed teacher trainings with Isaac Peña and Bryan Kest. He took the first Anusara Yoga Immersion in 2008, and Gil Hedley's Integral Anatomy course in 2009. 

David is a certified practitioner of Ayurvedic Yoga Massage, and has trained in a variety of bodywork modalities. Born in England, he lived in Paris and Kigali, before moving to New York City in 2006 and then Minneapolis in 2011. He has a Masters degree in Philosophy from Oxford.